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Hornby Dublo my layout


I have been interested in model railways (and real British steam ones) all my life. This site is to show you my Hornby Dublo model railway layout and its stock that I have built up over the years and, as it develops now. My father bought me my first Hornby Dublo 3-rail set second hand in the 50's which had an A4 Silver King, N2 and the 8F along with various bits of rolling stock and track.  Over the years extra bits were bought along with some Tri-ang which at the time my parents did not know it would not work with the Dublo.  Then after dabbling in 2-rail, 0 gauge and N gauge for quite a while I have now gone back to the best, Hornby Dublo 3-rail. Thankfully I still had a few of the locos, some repainted, some re-wheeled to 2-rail but this was not too much of an issue to convert back. My layout is mainly built from Peco track suitably modified for 3-rail running. Its design is basically what I had set up when it was a 2-rail layout a long time ago so I have not had to buy too many points etc.  It is by no means finished but does show some interesting variations on the Hornby Dublo theme as I have been making new locos by converting modern and old ie Bachmann and Hornby to either run directly on 3-rail or fit onto a modified 3-rail chassis, coach bodies have been etched in brass with locating tabs etc to fit both the old and later style chassis.

 I was always imressed by a large Hornby Dublo 3-rail layout that used to be in the Olympia amusement building in Blackpool and subsequently bought and moved to Scarborough by Harold Elliot to be seen alside his massive and impressive 0 gauge layout in the late 50's and early 60's.  This Dublo layout had about 4 main lines, loco shed, sidings and a hump shunting yard.  I am too going to have a hump yard on this layout and this has been built but not installed on the layout yet.  I think this exhibition/show layout was an example to everyone as to what could be achieved and I have often wondered what happened to it when the Scarbrough centre closed.

The Hornby Dublo range was (and still is) a very robust system with a reasonable amount of detail for the day and due to the fact children would be playing with them so they needed to be strong.  In my opinion I dont think todays locos although very nice looking and built to fine standards will stand the same treatment from children as Hornby Dublo did, maybe they are not intended for children these day? 

 The baseboards are painted in a green colour similar to all Hornby Dublo layouts of the day although I might use some scenic material I have not decided one way or the other yet.  The layout is made from Peco universal track with all live frog points.  Initially the track had small brass screws along the centre for the third rail but I was not happy and is now in the process of being changed to using copper clad sleepers at 4 sleepers to a double curve, double straight etc.  This is really a neccessity where the points are concerned.  The only Hornby Dublo track used are the electric uncouplers suitably modified themselves.  This includes a recess in the baseboard to lower them to Peco's height and replacing the running rails with Peco rail.

I have added a new Blog on April 10th to update what has/is happened/happening to the layout.  Hopefully this will be added to more this year 2014.


Please feel free to comment or ask questions about anything on this site and hopefully more will be added soon.

I have added a link to a site where there are some coaches available for sale, please check the Links box

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